Pause is a time-off management tool. It helps teams take time off to look after their well-being and makes it easy for organisations to set up and implement transparent, human-first leave policies.

What can you do with Pause?

With Pause, you can simplify time-off processes, make policies transparent, and encourage your teams to take a break. Pause works its magic on employee retention because happy and engaged teams stick around for longer.

Is Pause for you?

Pause is currently being used (and loved!) by early-stage start-ups, small businesses and remote teams of up to 200 people. Pause is:

For all these reasons and more, people who use Pause, love Pause!

What sets Pause apart?

We sweat the details, so we can talk about our designs, features and integrations until the cows come home. But here’s the main differentiator:

Pause is focused on building healthy, happy, and engaged teams and fighting burnout.

Pause keeps employee health and small businesses front and centre, always. It’s flexible for agile remote working teams but structured enough that confusion is out of the question. It makes every process a breeze because nobody wants to stress while taking a break; neither does anyone like crap hitting the fan when someone’s on leave.

Pause is also integrated with Intercom to give you instant chat support. No more waiting for a reply back while your company catches on fire.

All of this is why you’ll find Pause to be an affordable, transparent and easy-to-use leave management tool.

How does Pause compare to other tools?

We've got you covered on that front:

Need help with setting up Pause for the first time?

We'd love to walk you through the process and answer any questions you might have, at your convenience.

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