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Lock critical dates through Slack

The All Hands feature enables you to lock a date or a series of consecutive dates for an important project, milestone or deadline. Using this feature, you can let teammates know that they need to be present and available on those days.

You need to be an Admin or Team Approver to book an All Hands.

To book an All Hands through Slack:

Step 1: Type /pause all-hands into the message box in any channel or chat in Slack.

Step 2: Select your starting date and time.

Step 3: Add a corresponding ending date and time.

Step 4: Optionally, add a reason so your team has more information.

Step 5: Click Done.

Et voila! Team members will get a Slack message saying you've booked an All Hands for specific dates. On the Pause web app calendar, these dates will also display a Lock icon.

Can someone book time off even if it collides with an All Hands?

Yes, they can! Locking dates with All Hands signifies that an important event happening across teams. However, it's not locked hard and fast to allow for emergencies and changes in plans.

A team member can still book time off during an All Hands period — they'll be shown that their dates are clashing with an existing All Hands booking. It's then up to the Team Approver or Admin to grant or deny the request.

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Updated on: 13/09/2022

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