To approve or decline leave requests from a team, you have to be a team approver or an admin.

**On Desktop**

Step 1: Click on the envelope icon on the right side of the application to view pending leave requests.

Note: Pending leave requests will also be visible on your calendar with a red dot next to them.

Step 2: Click on Decline or Approve to respond to a leave request immediately.

Pro tip: If you choose to decline the leave request, we suggest that you add a reason. It encourages transparency and doesn't leave your teammate in the dark!

**On Slack**

To use the Slack integration, please make sure that you have integrated Pause with Slack.

When someone from your team applies for leave, you'll get a Slack notification from the Pause bot in the left panel.

Step 1: Open this Slack notification to see details of the request.

Step 2: Click on Approve or Decline to respond to the request.

Once an admin approves or declines a leave request, the applicant will receive an email and Slack notification.


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