Approvers have the ability to:

Approve or decline leave requests from their reports

Create leave bookings on behalf of their reports

Typically, your team leads are made an approver for a streamlined flow.

Note: To assign or change approvers, you need to be an admin._

**How to assign or change an approver:**

Step 1: Click on the Members/Teams icon on the navigation bar.

Step 2: Find the member you want to assign a new approver to and click on the approver dropdown next to their name. (When a member does not have any approver, this option will say "Add approver". Otherwise, it will show the name of the current approver for this member).

Step 3: Select an approver from the dropdown**.**


What's next?

Make a teammate an Admin

Create a new team

Book leave for your team

Approve or decline leave requests
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